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If you are looking for a new reliable online casino, the information on the net can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. There is a huge range of online casinos in Canada. At many comparison sites, every casino gets the maximum score and everything is equally fantastic. What many people don’t know is that many of these sites are owned by the casino itself. At Canada Casino Hub, we do things a little differently. We simply say what it is, without being influenced.

Canadacasinohub.com has tested hundreds of online casinos

We have tested hundreds of online casinos, with widely varying results. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mediocre or even bad online casinos. Casinos that do not pay out or pay much too late. Or casinos that work with poorly trained and sometimes even rude helpdesk employees. Casinos with impossible bonus conditions, so you can never clear the bonus money. The bad casinos end up on our Blacklist. The mediocre casinos receive a mediocre review from us, just as it should be. We include experiences and (justified) complaints from players in our assessment. And only the very best gambling sites end up in our top 10 best casinos.

How are online casinos rated by us?

Every casino recommended by us has been extensively tested by us. In concrete terms, this means that we deposit money ourselves, play with real money and always have money paid out. Of course we also test the customer service, the user-friendliness and the game offer of the casino. We do not hesitate to ask difficult questions to the helpdesk or the management of the casino. Finally, we look at the conditions of a casino. A casino can look so beautiful and have a (at first sight) nice welcome bonus, sometimes there are unfair or even impossible conditions attached to it. In that case, you should avoid that casino. Unless you want to get rid of your money.

In summary, we assess online casinos on the following points:

  • How reliable is the casino?
  • How good is the customer service?
  • Are the casino games fair and tested?
  • How wide is the range of games?
  • How good is the welcome bonus and the associated bonus conditions?
  • Is the gambling site user-friendly?
  • How quickly does the casino pay out and are there extra costs involved?
  • Only online casinos that achieve a large score on all these points are included in our top 10 best online casinos.

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